nothing can be perfect, and it`s okay for me.

I didn`t tought we would find each other. again. i tought we just had one chance, and we blowed that chance. Or maybe I blowed it, i`m not really sure. maybe you were telling me the truth. maybe you just didn`t have time to text me or call me. maybe you did think about me when i was so damn sure you were not. maybe it was my fault, after all.

I missed you, i really did. it was like a part of me was gone, cause i was so used to you being a part of me. like a lost puzzle piece you vanished, and i missed you so bad. i had never experienced something like it before. what we had.. it only happens once. or at least, that`s what i tought.

One day i decided to give it a shot. i wouldn`t care if you didn`t answer, it was just a fun thing. it turned out to be the best thing i`ve ever done. just beacuse my drastic conclutions, we`re together. once again.

it`s not what it used to be, and i´m not that head over heels inlove with you like I once were, but it don`t bother me. nothing can be perfect, and it`s okay for me. you´re mine again, and that`s what really matters, really.


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